Do They Assist Weight Loss?

Obesity has become a serious health problem these days, and many people not only want to shed their excess pounds, but they really need to in order to avoid serious health problems. Many diseases and health conditions are directly connected to obesity, so getting down to a healthy weight range is an effective way to live a longer and more enjoyable life.

The biggest problem overweight people face is losing the weight they have gained over the course of their lifetime, and this is not an easy process. While exercising more and reducing calorie intake will eventually result in a fit and healthy body, the time is takes to accomplish this goal is discouraging to most people.

There are many weight loss aids on the market that people can use to make losing weight easier, but the truth is that most of them are not very effective. Some weight loss aids can even be harmful when they are based on chemicals that result in artificial energy and an increased heart rate.

Some weight loss aids are either derived from or based on naturally occurring compounds, and one of the most popular is raspberry ketones. While the actual weight loss supplement is not made from raspberries, it does contain two fat burning compounds that are present in raspberries. The supplement works by causing fat cells to break fat down and release adiponectin, a hormone that plays a role in the regulation of blood sugar levels and metabolism.

While taking a raspberry ketone supplement may result in some people losing weight, the reason may be more connected to their actual diet and lifestyle than the supplement. The fact that people tend to commit themselves to a weight loss program more readily when they take a supplement is likely the strongest factor in their weight loss.

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A Thorough Review

Weight loss is a popular health concern that affects millions of Americans. As of 2014, over 35% of adults in this country are clinically obese. Since this is a growing problem, there are hundreds of supplements, diets and medications promoted to help weight loss. One of the most popular dietary supplements is raspberry ketones; there is also a great deal of interest in how this supplement works.

Raspberry ketone is a chemical compound that is found in red raspberries. It can also be found in other fruits such as blackberries and cranberries, but this amount is insignificant.
Many people consume raspberry ketone without realizing it, as it is used to flavor a variety of different foods.

Some studies show that raspberry ketone may increase metabolism, which helps people lose weight naturally. The molecular structure found in raspberry ketone is extremely similar to the structure of synephrine, which is a stimulant. When stimulant properties work together with an increased metabolism, weight loss often ensues.

In addition to these factors, raspberry ketone is known to break down fat cells in the body. Raspberry ketone allows cells to become sensitive to norepinephrine. Norepinephrine directly effects how the body breaks down fat.

While there have been clinical studies and trials on rats, there are no human studies available regarding raspberry ketone. Reviews of this dietary supplement are based on individual, personal experience. Alternatively, there have been published before and after experiences that show users losing weight by ingesting raspberry ketone. The television show Dr. Oz featured a segment showing people who lost weight by using this supplement.

In this same television segment, the world renowned Dr. Oz dubbed raspberry ketones a truly effective and affordable way to lose weight. He lists this supplement at the top of a list of natural fat burning supplements. So while there are no conclusive scientific trials, there are health care professionals and individuals who have seen this product work.

As with any weight loss supplement, there are side effects and other factors to carefully consider. The most commonly reported side effects of raspberry ketone are increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and feeling jittery. This is largely due to the stimulating effect of this dietary supplement.

Because there are mixed reviews and opinions regarding raspberry ketone, it is best to consult a health care professional prior to use. All dietary supplements should be used under the care and monitoring of a physician.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

For the past year, many people have been talking about the wonders of raspberry ketones, those little molecules that make raspberries smell good… and supposedly help people lose weight. This has been the new “wonder drug,” so to speak, and with the likes of Dr. Oz promoting raspberry ketones, it’s no wonder that people are going crazy for them. Bottles of these supplements are flying off the shelves and people the world over are taking them and reporting their results.

These results are varied, of course. Just as many people say they don’t work as those who do. Of course, it could be the placebo effect talking here. Nevertheless, no one really knows if raspberry ketones actually work in helping people lose weight. Some say they do, and others say they’re hogwash. It doesn’t help that there has been no official human testing done, yet it has proven well for the rats it was initially tested on.

If you’re smart, then you’re probably wondering what the side effects are. For even if you can find this supposed wonder drug available for treat, you should never put something into your body that you haven’t researched extensively.

Sadly, just like there is little information on whether or not raspberry ketones work, there is also little information regarding the side effects. In fact, there is no official information at all. For the most part the rats it was tested on have done well and have never shown any serious side effects. But rats are rats and humans and humans.

Furthermore, the FDA has rated raspberry ketones as “Generally Regarded As Safe.” Keep in mind that high fructose corn syrup has the same exact rating, so you can’t take everything the FDA says as the word of God.

If you read online reviews from people who have actually tried the product, you find out that some have reported nausea, dizziness, racing hearts, and a few other side effects. Of course this is all anecdotal and could be true or not. But if you are prone to these sorts of side effects when you take dietary supplements, it may be worth passing on these ketones.

Nobody knows yet how well raspberry ketones work. Nor do we know what the long-term side effects may be in humans. (Or rats, for that matter.) They’re probably safe, but is it worth them not even working?

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Are Raspberry Ketones Supplements Worth It?

Raspberry ketones supplements are sold as a weight loss aid. Raspberry ketones are the chemicals that are found in raspberries which give them their specific aroma. These ketones are extracted from raspberries to be added to everything from fizzy drinks and ice creams to fragrances and cosmetics.

Some early studies found that raspberry ketones could help to promote fat loss, however these studies were conducted on mice, rats and rabbits. To date, there have been no peer reviewed studies that have investigated the effectiveness of raspberry ketones as a weight loss tool for humans.

However, the studies that have been conducted on animals have been very promising. One study, conducted by Japanese scientists in 2005 found that these compounds could help to reduce the amount of visceral fat in the mice, even when they were fed a high fat diet. This is important because visceral fat is the most dangerous kind of fat, and people who carry a lot of it are at greater risk of heart disease and metabolic disorders.

Raspberry ketones supplements are banned in the United Kingdom because the Food Standards Agency, the body that regulates the sale of supplements in the UK, forbids the sale of “novel foods”. Only supplements that have been proven effective in peer reviewed tests are allowed to be sold in the UK. However, these supplements can still be sold in many other countries and they are a common sight on store shelves in the United States.

Are Raspberry Ketones Supplements Safe?

Since raspberry ketones are already used as a flavoring and a scent in foods, fragrances and cosmetics, and have been used for many years, it is unlikely that any harm would come to someone taking these supplements.

More testing is needed to determine whether these supplements would perform well in humans, but the initial positive human tests are a good sign. Raspberry ketones do have a mild stimulant effect, and it is likely that this will help you to burn more calories, and therefore burn more fat. If you are trying to lose weight, and you do not have any underlying medical conditions which would make it dangerous to take a supplement with stimulant like properties, then it is a good idea to try raspberry ketones. They could help to give you the fat loss edge that you are looking for, and speed up the results of your weight loss regimen.

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