How do we know they work?

If you want to shed off some extra pounds, you are not alone. A third of the American population is overweight and another third is obese. People will many times try to lose weight by limiting their caloric intake and exercising. Sadly, only 15% achieve this, and the rest end u giving up.
There are many products out there that are claimed to make the journey of weight loss much easier. These herbs, pills and shakes are supposed to help you in suppressing your appetite and burning more fat in the body. Among the most popular of this group is the raspberry ketones.
The raspberry rose in popularity after it was feature on the Dr. Oz show in 2012. The product got a positive review from the doctor who called it a miracle in a bottle.
The raspberry are claimed to help the easier breakdown of fats within cells and help the body burn fat faster. They are claimed to help in metabolism by increasing the hormone that help regulate metabolism, known as adiponectin.

What are raspberry ketones?
This is a natural substance that is responsible for the powerful aroma in red raspberries. This substance is also found in cranberries, blackberries and kiwis. They are also used as flavorants in processed foods and soft drinks.
How do They Work?
Researchers were interested in raspberry ketone when they noticed its molecular structure. It looked similar to synephrine and capsaicin (mainly found in chilli). Several studies have shown the two molecules boost metabolism of the body and so the raspberry was speculated to do the same.
The researcher did some test on rats and found it to increase breakdown of fat and more release of the adiponectin hormone.

However, the dosage given to the rats were insanely high and cannot be compared to the one taken by a human. There hasn’t been any research on the effect of raspberry ketones in human. It can be assumed that raspberry is like one of the other weight loss products.

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