Are Raspberry Ketones Supplements Worth It?

Raspberry ketones supplements are sold as a weight loss aid. Raspberry ketones are the chemicals that are found in raspberries which give them their specific aroma. These ketones are extracted from raspberries to be added to everything from fizzy drinks and ice creams to fragrances and cosmetics.

Some early studies found that raspberry ketones could help to promote fat loss, however these studies were conducted on mice, rats and rabbits. To date, there have been no peer reviewed studies that have investigated the effectiveness of raspberry ketones as a weight loss tool for humans.

However, the studies that have been conducted on animals have been very promising. One study, conducted by Japanese scientists in 2005 found that these compounds could help to reduce the amount of visceral fat in the mice, even when they were fed a high fat diet. This is important because visceral fat is the most dangerous kind of fat, and people who carry a lot of it are at greater risk of heart disease and metabolic disorders.

Raspberry ketones supplements are banned in the United Kingdom because the Food Standards Agency, the body that regulates the sale of supplements in the UK, forbids the sale of “novel foods”. Only supplements that have been proven effective in peer reviewed tests are allowed to be sold in the UK. However, these supplements can still be sold in many other countries and they are a common sight on store shelves in the United States.

Are Raspberry Ketones Supplements Safe?

Since raspberry ketones are already used as a flavoring and a scent in foods, fragrances and cosmetics, and have been used for many years, it is unlikely that any harm would come to someone taking these supplements.

More testing is needed to determine whether these supplements would perform well in humans, but the initial positive human tests are a good sign. Raspberry ketones do have a mild stimulant effect, and it is likely that this will help you to burn more calories, and therefore burn more fat. If you are trying to lose weight, and you do not have any underlying medical conditions which would make it dangerous to take a supplement with stimulant like properties, then it is a good idea to try raspberry ketones. They could help to give you the fat loss edge that you are looking for, and speed up the results of your weight loss regimen.

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