A Thorough Review

Weight loss is a popular health concern that affects millions of Americans. As of 2014, over 35% of adults in this country are clinically obese. Since this is a growing problem, there are hundreds of supplements, diets and medications promoted to help weight loss. One of the most popular dietary supplements is raspberry ketones; there is also a great deal of interest in how this supplement works.

Raspberry ketone is a chemical compound that is found in red raspberries. It can also be found in other fruits such as blackberries and cranberries, but this amount is insignificant.
Many people consume raspberry ketone without realizing it, as it is used to flavor a variety of different foods.

Some studies show that raspberry ketone may increase metabolism, which helps people lose weight naturally. The molecular structure found in raspberry ketone is extremely similar to the structure of synephrine, which is a stimulant. When stimulant properties work together with an increased metabolism, weight loss often ensues.

In addition to these factors, raspberry ketone is known to break down fat cells in the body. Raspberry ketone allows cells to become sensitive to norepinephrine. Norepinephrine directly effects how the body breaks down fat.

While there have been clinical studies and trials on rats, there are no human studies available regarding raspberry ketone. Reviews of this dietary supplement are based on individual, personal experience. Alternatively, there have been published before and after experiences that show users losing weight by ingesting raspberry ketone. The television show Dr. Oz featured a segment showing people who lost weight by using this supplement.

In this same television segment, the world renowned Dr. Oz dubbed raspberry ketones a truly effective and affordable way to lose weight. He lists this supplement at the top of a list of natural fat burning supplements. So while there are no conclusive scientific trials, there are health care professionals and individuals who have seen this product work.

As with any weight loss supplement, there are side effects and other factors to carefully consider. The most commonly reported side effects of raspberry ketone are increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and feeling jittery. This is largely due to the stimulating effect of this dietary supplement.

Because there are mixed reviews and opinions regarding raspberry ketone, it is best to consult a health care professional prior to use. All dietary supplements should be used under the care and monitoring of a physician.

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