Getting The Most From Your E-Cigarette

Many smokers would love to switch to a cheaper, less messy option but aren’t sure if electronic cigarettes will be a satisfying substitute. Others have already tried but decided the experience wasn’t quite enough. Are they right though? Is vaping really not for them, or would a few simple tips have been enough to change their minds?

With the simplest disposable or cartridge-based e-cigarettes there’s not really much more to do than take a puff, so it’s hard to imagine any advice being much use. Not so fast though. Many smokers trying an e-cig for the first time treat it just like a real cigarette, taking short, sharp puffs. That’s understandable, but in fact a slightly different technique works better. E-cigs take a moment to heat up, so a slower inhalation will deliver much better performance – and a more satisfying cloud of vapour – from even the simplest device.

Move on to a second or third generation refillable and you’ll have a manual fire button, giving you more control over how you vape. With these devices it’s best to press the button a second before you start to inhale, letting the coil reach its full temperature and start to heat the fluid-soaked wick. That should give you an instant blast of tasty vapour when you do take a puff.

One of the great things about electronic cigarettes is the variety available. All cigarettes taste of burning tobacco except for menthols, which taste like minty burning tobacco, but e-cigarettes can taste of just about anything you want. Experiment with different flavours, nicotine strengths and coils to see what suits you best. You can even vary the mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine in your liquid to vary the density of vapour. Just because vaping doesn’t feel just like smoking, don’t give up – as soon as you find the right combination the chances are you’ll decide it’s actually much better.